Are you protecting your child from mobile phone radiations?

Parents would be most concerned if their child is exposed to some pesticide in fruits or react strongly if he/she drinks milk which might be spurious but they would be least bothered to give a mobile phone in his hand.

Parents are not at all aware that televisions, microwave ovens, cell phones, and Wi-Fi devices emit Radio Frequency Electromagnetic radiation, an invisible form of energy which can cause damaging health effects if left uncontrolled.


According to American Academy of Pediatrics when cell phones are used by children, "the average RF energy deposition is two times higher in the brain and 10 times higher in the bone marrow of the skull," than for adults.


  • Do not let your child use cell phone when the signal is weak. It will increase the power to the maximum, as the phone attempts to connect

  • Do not let your child make calls in buses, trains, cars, and elevators. The mobile phone works harder to get the signal out through the metal, which increases the power level

  • It’s possible for cell phone users to reduce their exposure by spending less time on the phone or by using a hands-free device,wired earphones or speaker mode when making a call

  • Sleep is important for growing kids. You can set some ground rules with a phone curfew to ensure your child gets a good night’s rest.Definitely do not let kids sleep with their phones under their pillows

  • Buy them a basic phone: that doesn't include an Internet access. Good old landline phones and computers with wired internet systems are preferred. That way the purpose of communication in emergency is served while reducing the hazards

  • Designate times that the cell phone needs to be turned off -- for instance, during family meals, after 10 p.m, and during school hours and study time at home

  • For now,it is advisable to avoid carrying cell phones in front pants pockets, due to a potential radiation risk to the reproductive system. Keep the phone as far from the body as possible. Unless a cell phone is turned off, it is always radiating. When not in use, it should not be kept on the body. The best place for a cell phone is somewhere like a purse, bag, or backpack

  • Turn airplane mode on when giving a child a technology device or when a cell phone is near a pregnant abdomen, to prevent exposure to radiation

  • Turn off wireless networks and devices to decrease your family’s radiation exposure whenever you aren’t actively using them. As an easy first step, turn your Wi-Fi router off at bedtime

  • Practise what you preach : If you don't want him or her to compulsively check the phone, don't do so yourself. You are your child's No. 1 role model, whether your child admits it or not

And think long and hard about whether your child actually needs rather than wants that phone.

Disclaimer : "This handout is made on standard medical guidelines and is purely informative. Not to be used for treatment."

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