Do children have stress ? Teach them life skills to manage problems of growing up.

Often, we ask ourselves – do children have stress?

Yet, when we talk to children, we realize that their minds mirror the violence of the world. There is too much exposure to multimedia even when their minds are too delicate to handle it. Problems associated with growing up – peer pressure, bullying, family trouble, and concentration issues. If we need children to grow into balanced, progressive individuals, they need to be given tools to handle stress and their minds. To teach children this skill, they need to learn:

  • life skills

  • stress reduction techniques

  • & helps children to deal with their emotions

As a child specialist while i have deeper insight into the behaviours of children, I would suggest every child to experience Art Excel program meticulously designed by the Art of Living. The Art Excel is dedicated to reviving human values among children and teaching them stress-management techniques.

The simple breathing techniques taught in the program, which include Sudarshan Kriya, give your child the tools to overcome negative emotions such as fear, nervousness, anxiety, frustration, jealousy, etc. easily.The entire program is playful, effortless, engaging and fun, and all exercises and processes are designed specifically for this age group.


  • Overcome negative emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, etc.

  • Improve ability to concentrate and remember

  • Increase joy, creativity, sense of well being

  • Overcome stage fear

  • Learn to work in a group and overcome difficulties with peers

  • Co-operation

  • Simple tenets to deal with everyday problems

  • Importance of breath, yoga and meditation

  • Make new friends everyday

  • Complete personality development

  • Introduction to spirituality and Indian heritage

  • Mind becomes fresh

  • No more breathing problems


  • Age group: 8 to 14


  • Program duration: 4 to 6 days

  • Time per day: 3 to 4 hours​

Program contents: 

  • Sudarshan Kriya

  • Meditation and breathing techniques

  • Simple tenets for daily life

  • Techniques for overcoming fear and anxiety

  • Interactive processes

  • Team games

  • Food awareness

  • Group discussions

  • Outdoor activities (where possible)

  • Learning through fun and games

  • Service to others​

To Book ART Excel Program (at Bhucho) dated September 27-30, 2018

Send SMS <Name of child> <Your mobile no> to 99881 10753 


Contact Dr Nidhi Gupta, Faculty, the Art of Living, LUDHIANA HOSPITAL, The Mall, Bathinda. M. 99881 10753

Next ART EXCEL Programme at Bhucho, Neelkanth mandir, Near Govt School. 

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