Have you protected your daughter from cervical cancer with HPV vaccine?

60,000 The number of women who lose their lives to Cervical Cancer annually in India.

That’s 1 woman lost every 9 minutes.

Every woman, irrespective of socio-economic class is at risk of contracting HPV infection, and therefore at risk of getting Cervical Cancer subsequently.

How can you protect your daughter and yourself from Cervical Cancer?

Vaccination and screening are the most effective ways to prevent Cervical Cancer.According to The Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI); primary prevention with HPV vaccine is strongly recommended and secondary prevention through screening should be started at 25 years of age. FOGSI also emphasizes that screening must be continued in all vaccinated women too. Please refer to your doctor for more information on vaccination and screening.

Is vaccination for Cervical Cancer done across the world? Is our government supporting this vaccination as well?

Globally, 89 countries have opted for the HPV vaccine in National Immunization Program. In India, 2 states have included HPV vaccination in their state immunization program. Punjab has already vaccinated about 10,000 girls studying in Class 6th with HPV vaccine, while Sikkim has started vaccinating about 30,000 girls in 9-14 years age group.

When should your daughter get vaccinated?

As per World Health Organization; HPV vaccines are intended to be administered before first exposure to HPV infection. As per Indian Academy of Pediatrics Advisory Committee On Vaccines and Immunization Practices; all adolescent/pre-adolescent girls to receive HPV vaccine to get protected against Cervical Cancer. Your pediatrician can guide you on Cervical Cancer Vaccination.

Why should you vaccinate your daughter so early?

Just the way a seat belt must be worn at the start of driving and not after the accident, vaccination is advisable at an earlier age before the actual infection occurs.Even as per World Health Organisation, HPV vaccine are intended to be administered before first exposure to HPV infection say as early as 10 years of age. Getting vaccinated at this age protects your daughter long before she is ever exposed to HPV infection, and through it, to Cervical and other HPV related cancers.

Much like a child’s regular vaccinations, this can be planned in consultation with your pediatrician.

Hear from the experts:

What is Cervical Cancer? And how it happens?

Dr.Vijay Yewle

M.D.(Pediatrics), D.C.H. Consultant Pediatrician, Mumbai President, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, 2014

How common is cervical cancer and how can it be prevented?

Dr.Suchitra PanditMD, DNB, FRCOG (UK), FICOG, DFP, MNAMS, B.Pharm

Consultant Gynecologist, Mumbai. President, Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India, 2014-15

Disclaimer : "This information is purely informative.The content has been compiled from different sources to educate the masses"

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