10 Tips to safeguard your child from smog & air pollution.

What is smog? Fog + smoke = Smog Smoke from vehicular exhausts and burning of stubble in fields has mixed with the fog to give rise to this ugly smog which refuses to settle in our region. This has been affecting the children & the elderly the most. And the persons who already have respiratory allergies are suffering the most. Understandably the toxic smog is causing irritation in throat & cough, burning eyes, aggravation of respiratory illnesses like asthma & pneumonia. 

Till the government finds out the solution and better sense prevails in the the people causing this menace, we have to take some steps to safeguard our dear ones. Here are 10 tips:

  1. Restrict outdoor activities of children. 

  2. Use face mask when outdoors. N95/99 masks should be used whenever you step out.

  3. Air purifying plants. Air Purifying plants such as Aloe Vera, Ivy and Spider Plant can be placed in the home and offices. They help purify indoor air and minimise indoor pollution. 

  4. Ventilate your kitchen, bathroom.To avoid indoor air pollution, make sure there is a chimney in the kitchen and an exhaust in the bathroom. This will ensure that the air is recirculated. Indoor pollution can be worse than outdoor pollution

  5. Give steam to kidz daily. This would clear the air passages from the harmful particulate matter from the body

  6. Ventilate your home. Open your windows and doors between 3 pm - 5 pm and allow the air to circulate. On a bright sunny day, this is the time slot when concentration of harmful particulate matter (PM 2.5) is the lowest in the air.

  7. Give your child Jaggery ie Gudd to eat. This flushed out pollutants from lungs. 

  8. Diet rich in vitamin C, omega fatty acids. Give your child fruits rich in Vitamin C, Magnesium and foods rich in Omega Fatty Acids. This will help beat the ill effects of pollution by keeping immunity up. 

  9. Herbal. Herbal ginger and tulsi tea. Having this once or twice a day is extremely healthy for minimizing pollution

  10. Use air purifiers. Air purifiers are recommended for children who already have respiratory allergies and asthma

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